Trust a PR pro to steer you through times of trouble

Sometimes what you don’t say can be just as important as what you do say.

At times of crisis a PR consultant can help you to craft the message that will tell your side of the story.

There’s a cliched view of people in the PR profession as ‘spin doctors’ who bend the truth and employ subterfuge and manipulation as their main tactics.

But the reality is that most PR people know that honesty is always the best policy, and anyone who is prepared to lie on your behalf is falling way short of the integrity expected of the of the profession.

Anyone can respond to a journalist’s question or knock together a press release, but when you or your organisation is facing criticism, you need a seasoned comms professional on your team.

Context and timing is everything, and an experienced PR expert will know how to nuance your response depending on which news outlet you’re talking to, what questions are being asked, and how the situation is developing.

And sometimes it takes experience to know when the best thing to do is to not respond. Faced with a hostile journalist or publication, rebutting a story might feel like the best approach. It will certainly make us feel better. But is it making matters worse?

That detailed and factual response you just wrote has now provided the content for another story. Another will come up tomorrow when someone pick holes in what you’ve written today.

But working with a PR pro can help you steer the conversation the way you want it to go, avoiding becoming embroiled in a public argument and instead focusing on getting your real message out there.

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