What Sir Isaac Newton can teach us about building a successful public relations strategy

World-famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton changed the way we think about physics when he published his Laws of Motion way back in 1687.

And if you apply these famous laws to promoting your business, they can change the way you think about that too…

First Law

Every object in a state of uniform motion will remain in that state of motion unless an external force acts on it

Is your business moving in the right direction? Is it moving at all?

Newton’s Laws tell us that if you want to get your business moving or change the way it’s heading you’ll need to apply a force to make that happen.

If your organisation is in a state of ‘uniform motion’ it will stay that way unless you do something to change it.

That might mean introducing a new product or service, or changing what you do to meet the needs of your customers.

And whatever you do, it will mean changing the way you communicate with your audience. Developing a strong public relations strategy will help you to harness the ‘external forces’ of the media, digital communications channels and word of mouth to get you moving in the right direction and at the right speed.

Second Law

Force equals mass times acceleration

Having decided you need to get out of your ‘state of uniform motion’, the next question is how are you going to do it?

In this case let’s think of the ‘mass’ as your key message. It might something small that’s only of interest to a select few, or it might be something huge that everyone will be talking about.

Good public relations is all about knowing how to craft that message and then applying the right amount of ‘acceleration’ by choosing the appropriate communication methods to propel the ‘mass’ towards your audience.

The more powerful the message and the broader your audience the more force you’ll be able to apply to achieving the change in direction you’re looking for.

Third Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

In life as in physics, every action you make will get a reaction of some kind, but sometimes it might not be the reaction you want.

Strong, empathetic public relations will help you to ensure that the actions you take get the reaction you’re looking for.

Public relations is the art of using persuasion to change people’s behaviour. It’s about working out what reaction you’re looking for and then choosing a range of actions that will meet your goal.

Newton’s Third Law tells us that doing nothing isn’t an option. If you want to change the direction you’re heading in or the speed you’re travelling, action is needed.

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